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A Leading manufacturer of Poly Bags, Tubing, Sheeting, and Stretch Film

 Manufacturer of Packaging Materials

Welcome to Dragon Poly, a leading manufacturer of high-quality Poly Bags and Stretch Film based in Houston, Texas. With a commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction, we specialize in producing reliable and versatile packaging solutions for a wide range of industries. Whether you need custom-designed Poly Bags or reliable Stretch Film for palletized goods, Dragon Poly is your trusted partner for all your packaging needs. Contact us today to discuss your requirements and discuss how we can best suit your needs.

Our Product Line

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Poly Bags

Our poly bags on rolls offer versatility, ease of use, and efficient storage. With perforated tear-off sections, these bags are designed for quick and effortless dispensing, ensuring smooth operations and increased productivity. Explore our range of high-quality poly bags on rolls and discover a practical packaging solution that meets your specific needs.


Poly Sheeting

Poly sheeting is a durable, flexible plastic sheet typically made of polyethylene. It is commonly used as a protective covering for surfaces, as a moisture barrier in construction projects, or as a temporary enclosure. It comes in various thicknesses and sizes, offering versatility for a wide range of applications.


Stretch Films

Stretch wrap, also known as stretch film, is a highly stretchable plastic film used to secure and protect items during transportation or storage. It is commonly used to bundle together boxes or pallets, providing stability and preventing shifting or damage. It offers flexibility and cling properties for effective wrapping and containment.


1740 Stebbins Dr, Houston, TX 77043, USA

(281) 888-7191

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